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hy hellooo there... i'm new to lj have only had one for a couple of days and have just joined this community so thought i would say 'ello and introduce myself:)... my name is Danii, i'm 16 years old and from the UK... more information on me on my lj so jus check there to find out more if you would like cuz i'm not going to bore you all now :p so yes i was wondering whether i could please ask a question... it is kinda similar to the post by 'xxmadeforyouxx'... the thing is i joined another community as well and i was told that none of the music that i liked was emo :S and personally i thought it was... i may be wrong but just for curiosities sake i was wondering what you lot thought... i don't want to annoy you all so sowwie if i have it wasn't my intention :) i just really want a second opinion... so yeh i guess i'll list the bands i like (in no particualr order and i realise that some aren't emo but hey i'll just list em all :P)...
Senses Fail, The Early November, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Used, Finch, Funeral For A Friend, Coheed and Cambria, Blink 182, Allister, At The Drive-in, Hidden In Plain View, Home Grown, Jimmy Eat World, Matchbook Romance,My Chemical Romance, Thrice, The Starting Line, The Spill Canvas, Hawthorne Heights, Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Billy Talent, Something Corporate, The Movielife, Straylight Run, Bright Eyes, Head Automatica, Halifax... ermm i prolly missed a load but anyways thankyouuuu hope you don't think that i am too much of a dumbass :p
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